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Project Fostering multi-stakeholder outreach to review and realize policy action in context of COVID-19 and beyond (2021-2022)


In partnership with the Commonwealth Foundation, our project focused on reviewing the current programs and policies put in place to combat Covid-19, so as to recommend plans, programs and offer policy reforms that highlights and addresses the needs of the most vulnerable communities. The main aim of the project is to ensure full participation of all citizens to develop and foster inclusive public policies, legislation, plans, and programs to face the pandemic and ensure a more equitable future.


As part of the project, Women & Democracy hosted a series of multi-stakeholder discussions and consultations with pertinent government bodies, CSOs and vulnerable communities; with our main aim to provide greater protection for the vulnerable populations of Maldives during and in a post-pandemic future. Our multi-stakeholder discussions focused on the following selected vulnerable groups of the Maldives:

  1. Women and Girls

  2. Elderly

  3. Children

  4. Youth

  5. Differently-abled

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