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                         The aim of GEM is to put gender issues into prime focus and ensuring that future policy makers, legislators and head of state address gender issues and the concerns of women. Women & Democracy successfully delivered in the Gender Equality Manifesto Report, including the following based on the data review, legal review and the survey data: 

• Women’s participation or empowerment is impeded by social norms and beliefs

• Women’s participation in non-traditional roles need a boost to overcome stereotypes

• Lack of Empirical Data

• Ensuring that whatever we do reaches the rural woman is key and peculiar to the Maldives, and Women’s Development Committees, although in need of a jump-start, is key to boost efforts at an island level, towards ensuring the widest most far reaching results imaginable.

• Intersectionality is a vital element to gaining political and social equality and improving our democratic system.

• Female participation in politics and general decision making is low and is impeded by social dejections.

• Great need to Invest in improved and increased infrastructure on victim and survivor support for cases of GBV

• Need to eliminate the cost of being a woman 

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