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                         During November to December 2019, Women and Democracy (in association with the International Republican Institute) conducted a project named, “empowering women’s political participation in local government”; a project through which a series of political empowerment trainings were carried out for the advancement of women candidates in the upcoming Local Council Election 2020 of the Maldives and to increase female candidates’ political capacities by providing capacity enhancement trainings. These political empowerment trainings were hosted in four developmental areas of the Maldives;

(1) Male’ and Alif Alif Atoll,

(2) Laamu, Thaa and Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll,

(3) Noonu, Raa and Baa Atoll and lastly

(4) Fuvahmulah and Addu City. 
− A total of 100 women part in the trainings hosted in all atolls under this project, out of 78 women are local council hopefuls and 17 are WDC hopefuls for LCE 2020; and the rest aspiring for leadership positions in the future.  

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