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                         Project “WiP4” aims to advance women’s leadership and political empowerment within the Maldives by conducting two key segments, i.e. (1) raise awareness for women’s political participation through running an active campaign and (2) a competence development program. The main aim of the project is to increase participation and representation of women in politics and decision making and to advance gender equality in politics and governance by empowering women to contribute to the political development of the Maldives.  To achieve these aims, the project will substantially contribute to four critical priorities identified through comprehensive research & consultations: 
(1) Women In Politics  (2) Women In Parties (3) Women In Parliament (4) Women In Power 
The following two main segments were undertaken via the “WiP Project” and the activities falls within these two segments: 
(1) Advocacy & Awareness Campaign : The project “WiP”, meaning “Women in Politics”, “Women in Parliament”, “Women in Parties” and “Women in Power”; conducted a nationwide campaign to create awareness for these parameters and for the political participation of women at all levels. 
(2) Competence Development Program: The competence development program for the WiP4 project was developed with 8 learning modules compose of 11 educational sessions; ranging from Women and Leadership, Democracy and Human Rights, Teamwork and Team Building, Gender Equality in Politics, Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution, Campaign Strategies and Stress Management in order to conduct political empowerment trainings for women. Gender Minister Ms.Shidhatha Shareef and State Attorney, Jana Farooq were prime consultants in the development of the training curriculum. 

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